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Maintenance with cloud and Industry 4.0
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Cloud Computing and Industry 4.0 are two aspects in manufacturing that are merging more and more. One good example is the Just in Time Services (JITS) solution from akquinet AG.

This application is analyzing a huge amount of data created from machine sensors and automatically sends an alert if there are problems or maintenance is needed. With these automatically alerts the planning of service and maintenance could be approved. External engineers and clients can profit from these setups due to better time management and money savings. To get alerts right in time could save off time and...

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Software of crucial importance to Industry 4.0

The 4th industrial revolution, in short Industry 4.0, is clearly software-driven. Rainer Glatz, managing director of the German professional associations for Electric Automation and Software within the VDMA (Association of German Machinery- and Plant Engineering), is commenting on the repercussions on mechanical engineers in the run-up to the AMB, the International Exposition of Metal Working in Stuttgart from 16th to 20th September 2014.

“The increasing importance of software constitutes a specific challenge for the machine tool industry with mechanics as its domain for decades. The...

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Get fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution!
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The idea of the “internet of things” already emerged more than 20 years ago. Today, the permanently increasing standards as to competitiveness require equipping products with sensors and actuaters connected via the Web. The so called industry 4.0 – the Fourth Industrial Revolution – shall connect the physical with the digital world. Thereof evolve new requirements on the schooling in machine engineering: machine-engineering informatics. Beside profound knowledge in engineering and mathematics and natural sciences, application-aimed knowledge is expected in...

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Industry 4.0 and Big Data
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If you think about Industry 4.0 you think about Cloud Computing used for communication between machines and services. But Big Data is a part of Industry 4.0 too. It is needed to analyze feedback from sensors of machines to set alarms or services dates. This new technology lives from fast communication and feedback and with including Big Data in this infrastructure, you are able to analyze future problems even if they are just starting, so you are able to handle these problems in time.

But IT-infrastructure and workflows are changed to get access to the cloud for communication of machine to...

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